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Competitive analysis

02. Competitive analysis

Desk research to learn more about your sector, competitors and their positioning relative to your business.

Visual audit

03. Visual audit 

This phase examines how you communicate and promote your offer, what degree of visibility and awareness you enjoy and how well you are regarded in your market.


04. Recommendations

Then, we’ll evaluate our findings, make an assessment and provide a set of recommendations for improvements.

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Marque is a brand agency that provides brand consultancy, design, digital and delivery services. We create brands for starts ups and refresh established company brands, with one objective in mind – to generate major performance improvements. We do this by developing repositioning strategies that not only improve brand marketing and customer experiences, but grow leadership and generate significant returns on investment.


Brand Development

Brands are developed by tapping into your business or organisation’s unique qualities. The development process is about digging deep and defining what really matters, what makes a brand special or different, how people experience and interact with a brand and these things influence people to believe, buy, advocate and become life-long friends.

Brand Strategy

We’re experts at distilling complexity and defining the brand’s purpose, what it stands for, it’s difference, positioning, relationships, personality and what it offers and how it provides value. It’s these attributes that in combination create the brand strategy: a blue print for the brand’s future.


Brand Improvement

Our brand improvement process enables us to create stand out brands that genuinely differentiate, build enduring connections and stronger relationships, engender greater loyalty, provide great customer experiences and most importantly sell. We use a range of auditing tools – brand, website and advertising.

Brand Delivery

This when we create the assets you need to unveil your brand to the world, from launch activities and advertising campaigns through to cultural programmes, environmental graphics, comms collateral and digital assets.


Brand Advertising

In the first instance, brand campaigns need to be targeted and while they will often raise awareness, change perceptions and attract attention, good campaigns always address a clearly defined objective, e.g. targeting new markets, improving relations, generating more sales,  encouraging more visits, leads or converting enquiries into sales.  And they need to work hard from the get-go. The big idea, or concept needs to be strong enough to turn up the brand volume, to produce an emotional kick and have the versatility to work hard through all channels, above the line, digital and print.




Brand Audit

A brand audit is often undertaken for a range of reasons, e.g. to confirm a suspicion, better assess a repositioning opportunity, measure visibility, awareness and reputation or measure the degree of alignment between a brand’s image and identity. Whatever the reason, lifting the lid and fossicking around can pay big dividends, the most of important of which is to better win hearts and minds.

Website Audit

While every brand touch point needs to deliver a return, the performance of a brand’s website is often the most important because it’s open 24/7. An audit examines and recommends design, information architecture, content and content hierarchies improvements in order to improve a site’s performance by attracting more visitors, improving the user experience and generating greater conversion rates. Similarly auditing a site’s social media, content marketing and optimisation strategy will enable improvements in reach and search engine rankings.

Advertising Audit

Are you getting the best return for your marketing spend? This type of audit is not about compliance, but interrogates what is and isn’t working, e.g. campaign ideas, creative execution, activations, messages, channels and spend, so improvement recommendations can be made. This service is particularly important for SME’s that don’t have large advertising budgets and need to achieve measurable returns for every dollar of promotional spend.